Almir Sater’s plane is stolen during a drag in an air club in MS

Three aircraft were stolen from the Aeroclube in the city of Aquidauana (MS), 135 kilometers from Campo Grande. One of the owners is singer and composer from Mato Grosso do Sul, Almir Sater, and the other two victims are businessmen from the region. Each of the planes is valued at around R$ 180,000.

At least 18 people, some with Spanish accents, surrendered the watchman and their children on the spot, around 2:30 am on Monday, 6. First, five of them invaded the airfield and surrendered the security guard, who was forced to supply five aircraft. Shortly thereafter, 13 more people entered.

The attempt was to take five aircraft, but the group managed to take off only three. Preliminary investigations indicate that the planes were heading to neighboring Bolivia. The Civil Police’s Office for the Repression of Corruption and Organized Crime is following up on the case.

Head of the police station, delegate Ana Cláudia Medina does not rule out that the theft may be related to drug trafficking, but commented that there will also be cross-checking of information to determine whether there is a connection, including, with the robbery of bank branches in the city of Araçatuba ( SP), last week.

The report sought out Almir Sater’s press office, who did not comment. To the local press, the singer, who is on his farm in the Pantanal, commented that the aircraft is only used for property services and that he hopes the police will be successful in finding the planes.