AMD Ryzen 6000 APUs are already being mass produced

Information was released by leaker AMD product specialist

THE OMG has already started mass production of its Ryzen 6000 APUs, says the leaker specialized in the company Greymon 55. If the information is true, it will mean that the company of the red team can launch the new “generation” earlier than planned, which would be for 2022. The line Ryzen 6000 will keep architecture Zen 3, bringing an upgrade in relation to Ryzen 5000.

Greymon 55 published on his Twitter that the Rembrandt (codename of Ryzen 6000) is already in mass production by OMG. O leaker digimon is famous for its company information, being basically an expert on company leaks. Also in the Twitter thread, he informs that the company is manufacturing six new products in Chinese factories.

At Ryzen 6000 APUs will be based on Zen 3+, an upgrade when compared to the Ryzen 5000. The graphics part will have the architecture RDNA2, being the first processor from the company to desktops with this architecture for graphics. the console steam deck will also use a APU with RDNA 2 customized.

It is expected that after the OMG cast the lines Ryzen 6000 for high-end and low-performance notebooks also with RDNA 2. There are still the processors code-named barcelo also for simpler notebooks. These will feature Zen 3 and Vega 4 CPU for the graphics.

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New AMD processors: what is known so far?

THE OMG will cast two lines of Ryzen in 2022: the Ryzen 6000 APU (Remebrandt), processors that are based on the architecture Zen 3+ (practically an upgrade of the Ryzen 5000) with 3D cache and the family of processors of architecture Zen4 code-named Raphael. Now, in case the leaks of Greymon 55 be true, the Ryzen 6000 may arrive even before 2022.

The mainstream line for desktops Zen 4 CPUs should be released with integrated graphics, just as Intel already does. You Ryzen 7000 will have iGPU based on RDNA 2.


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Source: WCCF Tech