Android alarm clock bug already has a culprit, but it remains unsolved

Your cell phone’s alarm didn’t go off? Apparently, Spotify is to blame. For weeks, users have been claiming that Google’s Clock app doesn’t sound alarms regardless of the time of day. The bug appeared to be related to the app itself, but would have been caused by the streaming platform, comment comments in an IssueTracker thread.

In Clock, users can choose a Spotify song to play in the alarm instead of the default ringtones present in the app. This feature, however, would have crashed in a recent update of the streaming app, causing the alarm to vibrate the device only once and not emit any sound, as it is “waived” shortly thereafter.

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As a result, the Clock disrupted the routine of several users, who went to the Play Store to fill the app with negative reviews. The problem boosted the number of low grades of the app in several places around the world, including in Brazil, with reports of people who missed appointments or slept for too long, as the alarm clock did not fulfill its daily task.

Solution? Not yet

The company claims that it is preparing a definitive solution, but has not provided for its arrival. So, for now, the only measure to avoid this problem is to use one of the Android clock app’s native sounds as an alarm clock, not a Spotify song. In addition, it’s also nice to have another application on the phone to trigger the alarm and avoid further inconvenience — in the Play Store there are several options.

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Source: XDA Developers, Reddit, IssueTracker

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