Anonymous declares war on Bolsonaro and calls for action for September 7th

A group of hackers invaded the website of an investigated company in an irregular vaccine purchase scheme

Photo: Reproduction

The hacker group Anonymous, which calls itself an activist for digital freedom, has declared war on President Jair Bolsonaro. Through a video recorded in English, they summoned the population to the streets this Tuesday, the holiday of Sete de Setembro, when Brazil’s Independence is celebrated, to fight against the government. On the same day, Bolsonaro summoned his supporters to the demonstrations.

The video was released on Friday (3), in an invasion of the FIB Bank website. The company is being investigated by Covid’s CPI in the Senate for offering a financial guarantee of R$ 80.7 million in the contract between Need Medicines and the Ministry of Health, in the case of the sale of the Indian vaccine Covaxin.

FIB Bank is not a financial institution and does not have Central Bank authorization to operate in the field. Despite this, only this Monday (6) the hackers’ video went viral on social networks, with the declaration of war on Jair Bolsonaro.

Hackers accused the president of threatening a coup by casting suspicion on the electoral process, as did former US president Donald Trump.