Argentina Advised to Enter with Request to Release Players

Argentina was advised to file a request to release players

Argentina National Team Reproduction/Twitter

According to a document from the epidemiological surveillance of São Paulo, the Argentine delegation was instructed to formally send to the authorities a request for exceptionality for the movement of players from England in the country, says the G1.

The request would be analyzed by the Ministry of Health, with “final decision” of the Civil House. In a note, the Civil House denies that the request was made.

Yesterday, the game between Brazil and Argentina was interrupted and suspended for non-compliance with sanitary protocols, because four Argentine players did not comply with the required quarantine. A member of the Argentine delegation forged documents.

The report made by Center for Epidemiological Surveillance of the São Paulo State Department of Health shows that, at a meeting on Saturday, the Argentine delegation was instructed to send “with utmost urgency” the request for the players to remain in the country.

The acting Minister of Health, Sergio Okane, representatives of Anvisa, gives Conmebol, gives CBF and of the Argentina delegation participated in the meeting.

“Thus, CONMEBOL and the Argentine delegation were guided following the recommendations of Ordinance 655, to formalize the exceptionality request with the utmost urgency, so that the analysis of the documentation would be feasible before the game was played”, says the document.”

The document also states that the Argentine delegation was informed about the need for the procedure so players could also participate in training..

“In the case of Argentine players, it should be clarified that there was no request for exceptionality prior to the players’ entry flight in Brazil, making any kind of action by the Civil House impossible, said the Civil House in a note.