Argentina goalkeeper cites cardboard and bitter feeling: “We had everything to win”

Goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez broke the silence after the suspension of the match between Brazil and Argentina, this last Sunday. The Aston Villa player, one of the athletes who could not play in the match, lamented the situation and stated that the Argentines “had everything” to win the match in Itaquera.

“We don’t understand what happened. It’s something you’ve never seen in football. It’s a pity for South American football. A game so big at world level that it’s suspended by these things, you can’t understand,” Martínez told reporters , just before leaving for Croatia, where he will carry out his isolation before returning to England’s Aston Villa.

“We didn’t understand anything. There were rumors that the players who came from the Premier couldn’t play, but they would have warned us when we arrived in Brazil so that there wouldn’t be such a mess. It was simple, obviously it’s a shame because we had everything to win, we were confident, the team was doing well”, continued the Argentine goalkeeper, who also said that the suspension of the game was for “political reasons”.

The player also spoke of how the situation between the players was after Anvisa determined on the lawn that the game would be paralyzed. “We spent half an hour in the locker room to see if we were going out or back to the field. Then they told us that we had to go and then we were desperate to stay 14 days with the other players from England there (Brazil). It was a feeling of uncertainty,” he commented.

“I didn’t understand Brazil’s regulations. The whole world saw what happened. It was a game to have fun, not to play this role. The four who came from England decided to come for the love of Argentina’s shirt. Premier didn’t want to, we decided to travel the same way. After winning the Copa America, everyone wanted to be in the group. It’s something beautiful.

With five minutes of the ball rolling for Brazil and Argentina, Anvisa agents entered the field and paralyzed the game. Four Argentine national team players, including Martinez, would have broken government health protocols to enter Brazil.

Cristian Romero, Lo Celso, Martínez and Buendía play for English clubs and, according to the recommendation of the Brazilian government, all those who come from the United Kingdom to Brazil must undergo 14 days of quarantine, which these athletes have not complied with.

Conmebol announced that the match is officially suspended and FIFA informed that will analyze the case before making a final decision regarding the game.

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