Argentine players post photo in reference to Copa America and provoke Brazil | International

Argentine players pose for a photo in the locker room and reminisce about winning the Copa América over Brazil
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Argentine players pose for a photo in the locker room and reminisce about winning the Copa América over Brazil

the players of argentine team
they returned to their country, and were welcomed as champions of America.

In the locker room of the AFA complex, the athletes were welcomed after the confusion that ended with the stoppage of the game against Brazil, this Sunday, in São Paulo.

“At home and happy,” posted striker Di Maria on his Instagram account. Alongside Messi and other players, like the four who were irregular in Brazil, Di Maria showed images of Argentina’s locker room with the Copa América trophy and a reference to the title won over Brazil.

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Next, almost the same images Rodrigo De Paul, Papu Gómez, Lo Celso, Otamendi and Paredes, all with reference to the return to the country, appeared on the nets.

“At home,” posted De Paul.

Upon disembarking at Ezeiza airport, Messi and company received the affection of the Argentines, according to local press reports.

Earlier, FIFA only lamented the scenes of confusion that preceded the stoppage. Through an official note, the organization also stated that it will analyze everything before making a decision on the result.

“Fifa regrets the scenes prior to the suspension of the match between Brazil and Argentina that prevented millions of fans from enjoying a match between the two most important football nations in the world,” says an excerpt of the statement, which is supplemented with FIFA saying that he will analyze the case:

“The first official reports of the match have been sent to FIFA. This information will be analyzed by the competent disciplinary bodies and a decision will be taken in due course.”

It will be up to the entity to decide what will be the outcome of the game that lasted just five minutes before being interrupted. The decision will be taken by the Disciplinary Committee, which will assess whether there was a WO after the Argentine players left the pitch at Neo Química Arena, or whether there was force majeure that forced the match to be suspended. The decision will be taken taking into account what will be reported in the match summary, written by the Venezuelan referee Jesus Valenzuela and the match delegate.

The match between Brazil and Argentina for the sixth round of qualifying was suspended after officials from the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) entered the field to determine the deportation of four Argentine players who had not completed quarantine. There was confusion with the arrival of federal agents and the Argentine team left the field in the aftermath. The Brazilian team took the opportunity to practice.