Argentine President Says ‘Two Models’ Face Off in Legislative Elections | World

The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, said on Sunday (5) that “two country models” will face each other in the crucial midterm legislative elections, whose first chapter will be the open and simultaneous primaries on September 12th.

“We are facing two clearly opposing country models that look at people’s problems in a different way. And understanding the scale of the discrepancy is critical to building the future,” the president said in an opinion column published on the Infobae news portal .

Argentina tightens restrictive measures to try to contain the advance of Covid-19

Argentina tightens restrictive measures to try to contain the advance of Covid-19

In the note entitled “The 100th day”, Fernández highlighted that since he took office on December 10, 2019 he had only “99 days of normal health” before the coronavirus pandemic was declared.

Fernández stated that, for the Argentines, “facing the pandemic lived in a negative context generated by the resounding failure of the government that preceded us should be reason enough to explain so much uncertainty”, referring to the administration of Mauricio Macri (2015-2019).

The column was published a week before the Open Simultaneous and Mandatory Primary (PASO), which will define the lists for the November 14 legislative elections in Argentina, a key instance for the government of the center-left Peronist Fernández, who took over the power in a country with two years of recession.

What happens in the province of Buenos Aires, a traditional Peronist enclave that has a third of the country’s electorate, will be essential; while the capital, among other big cities, is a bastion of Macri’s oppositional alliance Juntos (social democratic radicals and liberal right).

The governmental coalition Frente de Todos is committed to sustaining an economic reactivation that is starting to be seen in the indexes, but is not reflected in the pockets of Argentines, also hit by an inflation that does not relent and accumulated 29.1% from January to July.

“All estimates show that, by the end of this year, Argentina will have grown by more than 7%,” wrote Fernández.

With 63% of the 45 million Argentines vaccinated against Covid-19 with at least one dose, among which 36% have the complete regimen, there is a constant decrease in cases and a gradual reopening of activities. Argentina accumulates 5.2 million infections and more than 112,000 deaths.

After the PASO, which became a kind of big electoral poll, Argentines will go to the polls on November 14 to renew a third of the Senate and half of the Chamber of Deputies.