At the Meeting, Caio Ribeiro reveals the reason for telling his illness late

Caio Ribeiro reveals that he has cancer
Caio Ribeiro reveals that he has cancer (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Rede Globo’s sports commentator Caio Ribeiro, who last Friday (3) announced on his social networks that he was diagnosed with a Hodgkin’s lymphoma participated in the program Meeting this Monday morning (6). The ex-football player opened the game and revealed why the delay in making the situation public and he said he didn’t want to worry anyone.

“You have two ways out: either regret it, or face it. The first person I went to was my wife and I explained what was going on. “I tried to hide it because I don’t like worrying people, I don’t like to pass on bad news,” he said.

He, who is on his penultimate chemotherapy session, hoped that his hair would not fall out: “I’m a little bald, but hair grows back. I hoped there wouldn’t be this fall, to treat myself in a quiet way, but when it started to fall, I said: ‘it’s time to take over’, he said.

Importance of preventive treatment

The commentator was keen to emphasize the importance from the discovery of the disease at the beginning: “I went for a stretch, as I always do, and my physiotherapist noticed a lump in my neck. I went to the doctor and discovered lymphoma early on. I’m on the penultimate chemotherapy session and everything is going well,” he said.

“I discovered it early on, small, located in the neck.O. There is a part that belongs to Medicine, the other part is ours. Keeping a good head, keeping optimistic. The treatment depends on how you face the disease”

Finally, Caio Ribeiro thanks the fans for their affection since he made the matter public: “I think I’m dealing with a serene manner. I received so many messages of affection. Thanks to God, there’s a little more to go”, concluded.

revealed the Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Last Friday (3), Caio Ribeiro through his Instagram announced that he has cancer.

“I was diagnosed with lymphoma, which is called Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The good news is that it has a 95% cure rate and my body is responding very well to the treatment. I’m already on the penultimate chemotherapy session, I’m strong, with a good head, I’m sure that in another 15 days this will pass”, he said.

“I’m strong, with a good head and I’m sure that, in another 15 days, this will pass! One of the consequences of the treatment was hair loss, and he decided to drop it a little. So, I intend to keep working, I’m energetic, with a clear head, but maybe you’ll see me a little more haggard and bald in the air. But strong, because I’m sure we’ll go through all of this together”, concluded.