Avaí wins, touches the G4 and worsens Vasco’s crisis in the Brazilian Series B – 06/09/2021

Vasco seems to be in an endless crisis in Serie B of the Brazilian Championship. At home, Avaí beat the Cruz Maltino team by 3-1, and, at least momentarily, touched the G4. Meanwhile, Lisca’s team has again left the field with a negative result and access to football’s elite seems farther and farther away. The triumph was built with goals from Getúlio, Bruno Silva and Jonathan. Morato did the one for the Cariocas.

With the result, Leão was 37 points and is one of Goiás, fourth. Vasco, on the other hand, remains with 32, in ninth place. It is noteworthy that this duel opened the 23rd round.

In the next one, Avaí will face Remo, away from home, on the 16th. Vasco, also on the 16th, will visit CRB.

Who did well – Getúlio

The forward of the Avaí team was responsible for the goal that opened the scoring and assisted Bruno Silva to score the second. With a lot of movement, he took work to Vasco’s defensive system.

Who was wrong – Zeca

Could not help the team by attacking or defending. In the first goal, he failed to score by Copete, who gave Getúlio the pass to open the scoreboard.

goal early

After a studied start and a chance wasted by Vasco – with Romulo, head -, Avaí opened the scoreboard in one of the first attacks. On the counterattack, Copete easily passed Zeca and found Getúlio in the middle of the defense. The striker received it in speed, took it from Vanderlei and hit it into the goal.

VAR works, and goal is validated

With the favorable score, Avaí started to dictate the pace of the match. The team from Santa Catarina left the ball with Vasco and organized defensively, so that Cruz-Maltino had difficulties in finding spaces. Cano, however, received it deep in the back of the defense and called Morato, who, without marking, sent him to the back of the net.

The arbitration marked an offside and the bid was reviewed by the VAR. During the waiting time, it was possible to hear the Vasco bench saying that “in Central do Apito they said it was a goal”. Against Brasil de Pelotas, last Friday, Colina’s team scored a goal that was disallowed for offside, but the VAR was unable to draw the line and the field’s decision prevailed.

stayed there and here

After the draw, Vasco improved in the match and balanced the actions. The two teams started to abuse attempts to play at speeds and, in this way, they even created good opportunities, but without sending them to the net.

goal even earlier

The second half had just started and Avaí went ahead again on the scoreboard. Miranda was fouled near the area. In the kick, the ball was raised in the area, Getúlio scored and Bruno Silva, without marking, completed.

similar panorama

With a favorable score again, Avaí went back to adopting the same strategy and giving field to Vasco, betting on speedy exits. The cross-Maltino team encountered obstacles and arrived with more clarity only in a header by Caio Lopes, who Glédson defended.


Vasco made changes and tried to change their behavior on the field, trying to stay with the ball and “push” Avaí to the defense field. However, only a cross kick by Cano, which Daniel Amorim did not achieve, was the most dangerous move.

entered and did

In the final stretch, Avaí fitted a counterattack and Copete came face to face with Vanderlei. The ball hit the crossbar and, on the rebound, Jonathan, who had just entered, swung the net.

final madness

In the final minutes, without much strategy and with no chance of changing the game’s scenario, Cruz-Maltino still tried to get ahead as they did, but was unsuccessful. Avaí, with the scoreboard and time in favor, just waited for the final whistle.


Competition: Brazilian Championship Series B
Local: Hangover, Florianópolis (SC)
Day: September 6, 2021, Monday
Schedule: 20h (Brasilia time)
Referee: Paulo Roberto Alves Junior (PR)
assistants: Bruno Boschilia (PR) and Weber Felipe Silva (PR)
VAR: Adriano Milczvski (PR)
yellow cards: Lisca (technician), Leandro Castan, Miranda (VAS)
red cards:
goals: Getúlio, from Avaí, at 13’/1ºT; Morato, from Vasco, at 29’/1ºT; Bruno Silva, from Avaí, at 2’/2ºT; Jonathan, from Avaí, at 36’/2ºT

Hawaii: Glédson, Edilson, Concrete, Fagner Alemão and João Lucas (Rafel Pereira); Bruno Silva, Marcos Serrato (Wesley Soares), Jean Cléber (Jonathan) and Vinícius Leite; Getúlio (Romulo) and Copete (Diego Renan). Technician: Claudinei Queiroz

Vasco: Vanderlei, Leo Matos, Miranda, Leandro Castan and Zeca; Romulo (Daniel Amorim), Andrey (Caio Lopes) and Marquinhos Gabriel (Caio Lopes); Morato (Figueiredo), Léo Jabá (Gabriel Pec) and Cano. Technician: Stripe