Barbara Evans makes an impactful decision about her first pregnancy and makes a controversial statement

Barbara Evans
Barbara Evans is excited about the pregnancy and gives details about the twins’ birth (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Barbara Evans started a relationship with Gustavo Theodoro in 2018 and since June 2021 started a process of artificial insemination, which she announced the successful result on Friday (3). Excited with the news, the famous spoke more about this new phase of her life.

Responding to netizens on Instagram, Monique Evans’ daughter was asked about how the future twins would be delivered — specifically if it would be at home — and sent in the tin: “I never wanted to have a normal birth. I really admire women who can, but I’ve always been very scared. My [parto] it will be cesarean”.

Barbara also explained that the desire to be a mother did not come overnight: “It wasn’t all of a sudden, I always wanted to be a mother. In children’s games, I was always the mother of the crowd”. Gustavo’s wife bet the twins will be either a boy and a girl, or two boys, adding that the expected birth is in April.

The champion of the sixth season of A Fazenda was moved when she heard her children’s hearts through the ultrasound and showed her pregnant woman’s belly in a photo on Instagram: “Records of a happy mom. First video: a baby’s heartbeat. Second video: the other baby’s heartbeat. I’m 7 weeks and 2 days and mom of twins, we still don’t know the sex, what do you guys think?”.

Monique Evans was delighted with her daughter: “thing of God”. Gustavo Theodoro was anxious to exercise fatherhood: “Loves of my life! daddy’s babies”. Former Miss Brazil Débora Lyra gave her guess: “I think a couple of twins are coming, friend. what happiness”.

It is worth remembering that Barbara Evans’ process to get pregnant was not easy, after some unsuccessful attempts. She even had to discard some embryos because she already had skin cancer and her husband also has a history of cancer in the family.

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