Barbara Evans poses with twins’ belly and shows ultrasounds: ‘Happy’

Barbara Evans, 30-year-old model and actress, who announced her first pregnancy last Friday (3), shared today a new click posing with her twin belly and also showed ultrasound examinations of the babies.

“Records of a happy mommy! 1st video: A baby’s heartbeat. 2nd video: The other baby’s heartbeat. I’m seven weeks and two days old and mommy of twins, we still don’t know the sex, what do you think? “, she wrote in the post’s caption on her Instagram profile.

The model, who underwent a long in vitro fertilization treatment to get pregnant, told in an interview with Vogue that one of the embryos faces problems in its development:

We are going through a delicate situation, we need to be cautious and patient. An embryo is big and perfect at the right age. The other is a little smaller and the gestational sac is much smaller. Barbara Evans

“The hearts are beating evenly and the gallbladder is the same size. I’m in the 7th week of pregnancy, but we need to wait until the 12th to see if the second embryo will develop or not,” she added, who said it remains optimistic next to her husband, businessman Gustavo Theodoro.

“We are confident and with great faith, if God sent him he will hold. It is a delicate moment and we have to ask God and our fans to pray or pray, according to each one’s religion, so that this embryo is strong and cute. Now we have to wait,” said the model.

Fertilization process

The model and actress started the fertilization process in vitro at the beginning of June and decided to share the progress with the followers, through weekly videos on their social networks. She said she gained 14 kilos during the period.

The influencer showed how the transfer of two embryos was and was thrilled with the positive result. In the previous video, Barbara said that her uterus, according to tests, was ready to receive her children. The third embryo, as advised by the responsible physician, remained frozen in the laboratory.

The couple managed to gather 12 embryos during the three months of treatment, but only three were considered healthy after the cancer biopsy. They opted for the test to find out if the cancer gene was present in the embryos, as both have cases of cancer in their families.