Barbara Evans shows ultrasound of twins: ”Happy Mom”

Pregnant with twins, Barbara Evans shared with fans the moment she heard the babies beating

Barbara Evans (30) enchanted the followers of social networks by sharing some ultrasound videos of the twins.

The model, who is seven weeks pregnant, was thrilled to hear the heartbeats of the babies she is expecting with her husband, Gustavo Theodoro (30). In addition, she even showed off her belly when posing in a long dress.

“Records of a happy mommy. 1st video: A baby’s heartbeat. 2nd video: The other baby’s heartbeat. I’m 7 weeks and 2 days old and mommy of twins, we still don’t know the sex, what do you think? #maedegemeos”, Barbara said in the publication.

Followers raved about the sex of the babies in the comments. “Beautiful. I think a couple is coming”, wrote an internet user. “I think it’s two little boys. May God bless and protect you.”, commented another. “two girls”, comment a follower. “What a blessing. May they come in great health”, wished a fan.

Barbara Evans cries when she discovers pregnancy

Exciting! Barbara Evans is pregnant! The model couldn’t hold back her tears when she found out she was expecting her first child with Gustavo Theodoro. In a video posted on her Instagram profile, she showed the exact moment she discovered the pregnancy. In the images, Barbara appeared in the bathroom waiting for the result of a pregnancy test.

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