Behind Romário and ahead of Zico, Gabigol will be the 19th player to score 100 goals for Flamengo | Flamengo

The brand is a matter of time. It is difficult to imagine that Gabigol will return to the Brazilian team and it will take a long time to reach the hundredth goal with Flamengo’s shirt. With 97 out of 129 matches, the striker is a sprayer of records for the club. But what about the 100th goal, will put you in what condition on this select list with the crimson shirt? We went after the answers.

Gabigol and the celebration that has already been done 97 times with Flamengo’s shirt — Photo: Pedro Martins / Foto FC

Gabriel will become only the 19th player in the club’s nearly 126-year history to achieve the feat. The first, and owner of the best average, was Alfredinho, striker from the 30s. The last one, also with impressive numbers, was Romario, in 1997. We dissected the statistics with the help of journalist and researcher Emmanuel do Valle, owner of Alternative Flemish blog.

Who needed the fewest games until the 100th?

Clube dos 100 in game order — Photo: Search @FlaAlternativo

The group of 100 has legends not only from Flamengo, but from Brazilian football, such as Leônidas da Silva, Zizinho, Evaristo de Macedo, Zico, Bebeto and Romário. But there are also the little remembered Alfredinho and Nonô, which opened the way and are holders of the best averages.

– Alfredinho (Alfredo Willemsens) is a player very little known or remembered, probably for having played in a transition phase of Flamengo. He acted between 1934 and 1937, within the longest fast in the club’s history and in a post-Rua Paissandu and pre-Gávea era. But he has an amazing goal average – explains Emmanuel do Valle.

Traditional sign that was successful in 2019 — Photo: Pedro Martins

In 1936, in a 4-2 victory over Jequiá, Alfredinho reached the hundredth goal in just 96 matches, beating Nonô, the first to achieve the feat, with 100 games, in November 1925.

Needing three goals and with 129 games, Gabigol appears to occupy eighth place in the ranking of those who needed to take the field less often to become a centenary. That’s because the current eighth is Indio, with 150 matches. It’s hard to imagine that the current 9 shirt takes longer than 21 to hit the net three times.

Gabi, in turn, cannot beat Romário, who scored the hundredth in his 116 game. The match, in March 1997, was marked not by the feat, but by the famous fight between Baixinho and full-back Cafezinho, in the 7th 0 about Madureira, in Gávea.

100’s club in order of entry

Clube dos 100 in chronological order — Photo: Twitter @FlaAlternativo

The biggest idol in the club’s history, Zico is only 11th on this list and needed 180 matches to reach 100 goals, in a 3-1 over America, in July 1975. Then, Galinho took off, listed titles and said goodbye with 509 goals for Flamengo.

Among the hundredth goals, researcher Emmanuel draws attention to Joel’s because of its decisive character.

– If I had to choose a striking goal from this list, it would be Joel’s, on a bicycle against Palmeiras at Maracanã, in the final phase of the Rio-São Paulo Tournament in 1961, which Flamengo ended up winning.

Zico and Gabigol embrace in the Vulture’s Nest — Photo: Disclosure

Numbers on the table, now all you have to do is wait for Gabigol to come back from the national team to start the regress. Flamengo’s next match will be against Palmeiras, on Sunday, at 4 pm (GMT), in São Paulo. In the sequence, the rival will be Grêmio twice in a row: on the 15th, for the Copa do Brasil, and on the 19th, for the Brasileirão, both as principal. Make your bets.

New Flamengo Banner — Photo: Disclosure