Best passer in Brasileirão, Tchê Tchê comments reservation at Atlético-MG: “Something natural” | athletic-mg

Hired in April this year, Tchê Tchê arrived at Atlético-MG with good spirits. The absolute titleholder and a trusted part of Cuca, he played in 29 of the first 31 matches for Galo. But came the confrontation against River Plate by Libertadores and, in Argentina, the defensive midfielder lost his position in the team. Since then, he has only started against Bragantino, because Galo was without Allan and Jair.

Asked about leaving the team, Tchê Tchê sees the change as something natural. According to him, it shows the strength of the power of the athletic cast.

– This is due to the enormous quality of our cast. The rotation and changes will happen. We know that these changes happen, and just as some have been left out in some matches, it has been happening (with me) in recent games. I’m calm, happy also for the capacity of those coming in – he said.

Tchê Tchê gave a press conference at Atlético-MG — Photo: Pedro Souza / Atlético

“It’s something natural, in front of such a qualified cast. That’s what we’re here for, to best represent Rooster’s colors”

Tchê Tchê lost space in the starting lineup with the rise of Jair, who assumed the duo of defensive midfielders with Allan. Later, with the injury to shirt 8, Cuca preferred to retreat Zaracho in midfield and open space in the team for Vargas, in a scheme with three attackers (him, Hulk and Savarino).

Cuquinha talks with Tchê Tchê and Victor — Photo: Globo

Best passer in Brasileirão

With 36 games for Atlético, Tchê Tchê has two goals, an assist and great numbers. In the statistics of the Brazilian Championship, for example, nobody is better than him in the rate of hitting passes.

According to data from SofaScore, the steering wheel hit 616 of the 663 passing attempts throughout the championship. Number that yields an index of 93%, placing it ahead of Camacho (Santos, 91%), Zé Rafael (Palmeiras, 90%), William Maranhão (Atlético-GO, 90%) and Diego (Flamengo, 90%) .

Tchê Tchê in Atlético-MG x Atlético-GO — Photo: Pedro Souza/Atlético

The ranking is valid for athletes who participated in at least five Brazilian Championship games. Tchê Tchê played in 17 of the 18 games of Galo so far, and in 14, he started.

By statistics, the midfielder still has a 65% hit rate on long passes (35 out of 54), and has stolen 66 balls in the championship so far.

– I’m very happy with what we’ve been presenting, us as a group. And I will always be below a whole, which is our entire cast – he pondered.

Hulk celebrates goal with Tchê Tchê — Photo: Agência i7/Mineirão

Loaned by São Paulo, Tchê Tchê has a contract with Atlético until May 31, 2022. The economic rights are pre-fixed in case there is an interest in a definitive purchase.