billionaires finance company that ‘researches immortality’

Altos Labs, a new company focused on antiaging research based in Silicon Valley, has been drawing public attention because of billionaires who are among its investors. Among the company’s financiers are names such as Jeff Bezos, from Amazon, and Russian Yuri Milner.

The main focus of the research carried out at Altos Labs is on biological reprogramming. Because of the billionaires with “infinite money” funding the company, Altos Labs is managing to attract some of the scientists with the most promising research in the area of ​​combating aging.


‘Stars’ of science

In addition to the hefty salaries, Altos Labs also promises to give scientists plenty of autonomy so that they can carry out their research. Among the names recruited is Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, a biologist at the Salk Institute, in La Jolla, California.

Belmonte made headlines in 2017, when he started a controversial research aimed at creating a chimera between man and pig. Shinya Yamanaka, winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Medicine for an aging reversal survey, will serve as chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of Altos.

Biological reprogramming and immortality

Pill to prevent aging is tested by the US army
Preventing aging is a ‘fetish’ of billionaires that fuels many conspiracy theories. Image: sabinevanerp (Pixabay)

According to Yamanaka, the company has great potential, but there are still many obstacles to be overcome in the area of ​​biological reprogramming. This method seeks to bring rejuvenation to the cellular level, which is described as a possible key to immortality.

There are other startups that are researching biological reprogramming, but none have such a huge financial support as Altos Labs. The desire to live as long as possible is something most billionaires have in common, a fetish that fuels many conspiracy theories.

It is the quest for longer, for example, that drives Elon Musk’s quest to colonize Mars. Jeff Bezos also makes no attempt to hide that he would be an immortal human being if he could. Therefore, it is understandable that those who can, pay for the hope of living longer.

Freedom for scientists

An example of the autonomy that will be given to scientists is the fact that the company does not work with tight deadlines or goals that are difficult to be met. According to the company, what is sought to be done there is “great science”, but there is no explanation as to what this means exactly.

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According to Manuel Serrano, a former researcher at the Spanish Biomedical Research Institute who was also attracted to Altos Labs, the company’s goal is to understand rejuvenation. According to him, achieving immortality is on the radar, but not an immediate goal.

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