Bolsonaro supporters perform in Copacabana | Rio de Janeiro

There were also protests against the president in Rio. In the center, protesters defended the impeachment and asked for vaccines and jobs.

The PM and the Municipal Guard monitor all the acts, and the actions are coordinated by the state government and the city hall jointly.

The walk in Copacabana started at Posto 5. Almost no one wore a mask, and there was crowding. The protesters were dressed in green and yellow and carried Brazilian flags.

Demonstration in favor of Bolsonaro in Copacabana, around 10:40 am this Tuesday (7) — Photo: Reproduction/GloboNews

At the concentration, sound cars played the National Anthem and songs praising Bolsonaro. Trucks, without trunks, displayed flags and sayings. One car had a light panel that alternated messages against the STF.

One banner asked: “President, put all these bums in jail, starting with the STF!” Another demanded: “Free the political prisoners from the STF!” Another advocated “federal intervention with Bolsonaro in power” — which is unconstitutional.

protesters took posters in english. One had “New STF, ICMS on fuel, printed vote” — in free translation, “new STF, ICMS on fuel and printed vote”. Another called for “Removal of corrupts in STF and Congress”, or “removal of corrupts from the STF and Congress”.

Leaders of right-wing movements, pastors, influencers and former soldiers, in speeches in sound cars, called on Bolsonaro to act against “attacks on freedom”, citing “acts of the STF, Congress and the media”.

Protesters carry signs with slogans such as “independence or death”, “freedom on social networks”, “printed vote”, “impeachment of Alexandre de Moraes”, “action against the coup of the left”, “Lula in jail” and “criminalization of communism”.

There were also posters with insults to the STF and against the press. Others demanded “freedom of speech” and “freedom of the internet”.

At 10:45 am, a motorcycle that left the West Zone arrived at the demonstration.

Bolsonaro supporters gather in Copacabana — Photo: G1 Rio

Unmasked demonstrators pose in front of banner against STF — Photo: TV Globo

Supporters at the event in Copacabana — Photo: TV Globo

Trucks in action on Copacabana Beach — Photo: G1 Rio

Illuminated panel alternated criticism of the Supreme Court — Photo: TV Globo

Protesters at a pro-Bolsonaro act in Copacabana — Photo: TV Globo

Banner says, in English, ‘let’s go to war with Bolsonaro’ — Photo: TV Globo

Sound car at the pro-Bolsonaro act in Copacabana — Photo: TV Globo

Pro-Bolsonaro demonstrators on Avenida Atlântica, in Copacabana — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

The acts — for and against Bolsonaro — take place amid clashes between the president and the Supreme Court (STF), and in a context of a sharp economic crisis and also a drop in popularity and evaluations of the administration of Bolsonaro.

The latest IPEC poll, released at the end of June, showed that government approval dropped to 24%, while disapproval reached 49%. The Datafolha survey on the 2022 presidential elections, on the other hand, indicates that Bolsonaro’s voting intentions retreated, and the current president would not be re-elected in any of the evaluated scenarios.

At the same time, the population is going through strong economic difficulties, with soaring inflation and unemployment close to record rates.

'Democracy is under attack', says Miriam Leitão

‘Democracy is under attack’, says Miriam Leitão

man with machete is arrested

Man arrested with machete in protest in Copacabana

Man arrested with machete in protest in Copacabana

In Copacabana, a man was detained with a machete, a dagger, an English punch and material for making a Molotov cocktail, while he was attending a demonstration called by President Bolsonaro.

The man, who is 20 years old, was taken to the 13th DP (Copacabana). He wore black clothes and wore a mask. According to police, the young man has criminal records for bodily injury.

A man is arrested in Copacabana with a machete, knife and mask — Photo: Disclosure