Bom Dia Brasil suffers technical failure, and Fabio Turci ‘freezes’ live · TV News

Bom Dia Brasil this Tuesday (7) suffered a technical failure, and the presenter Fabio Turci ended up “freezing” live. During a speech by anchor Ana Paula Araújo about vaccines, the TV news cut to the São Paulo studio, leaving the journalist at a loss for what to do. Rodrigo Bocardi’s replacement was silent until the signal returned to Chico Pinheiro’s colleague.

After a few seconds without Turci saying anything, the image returned to the national TV newsstand. Ana was already talking about another subject — President Jair Bolsonaro’s summons to anti-democratic acts this September 7, when Brazil’s Independence is celebrated.

At the entrance of reporter Cláudia Bomtempo directly from Brasília, the journalist’s audio also suffered a small flaw as she showed the president’s supporters walking along the Esplanada dos Ministérios.

Occasional presenter of SP1 and SP2, Turci debuted on the stand of Bom Dia São Paulo on Monday (6) to replace Michelle Barros, who came on holiday and is the official substitute for Rodrigo Bocardi. Colleague Cinthia Toledo congratulated him on his arrival in the morning. The owner, who complained of a technical failure on the news recently, is on vacation.