Bruna Marquezine changes elevator sign against president

The actress Bruna Marquezine he never hid his discontent with the current acting president of Brazil, Jair Messias Bolsonaro. On social media, she always shares her opinions with her followers and doesn’t save words when referring to him. This time, during the recordings of the Maldives series, in which he will participate on Netflix, Marquezine changed the elevator sign from “cast” with the term “He doesn’t”.

At the beginning of the new coronavirus pandemic, Bruna spoke out against Jair Bolsonaro, who denied the importance of mass vaccination. On Instagram, she shared a post with the caption: “Genocidal Monster”. No Twitter não foi diferente, e Bruna repostou um vídeo em que o Bolsonaro ironiza as cobranças feitas pela população sobre o imunizante.

Bolsonaro referred to society as idiots for charging for the vaccine at a time when death rates were high every day. “There are idiots that we see on social media, in the press. Go buy vaccine. Only if it’s at your mother’s house. There is no vaccine to sell in the world”, he said. Next, Bruna shot him on the net: “Bastard”.

It does not stop there! The President’s son is also used to needling the actress on social media. Carlos Bolsonaro compartilhou uma foto da atriz ao lado dos amigos durante um passeio de iate, na Marina da Glória, no Rio de Janeiro, e escreveu no Twitter e no Instagram: “Genocide? I do not think so”. Ironically, he spoke out to criticize Marquezine’s attitude against his father, who did not advocate social isolation and the wearing of masks.

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The term “he doesn’t” went viral in the country during Bolsonaro’s candidacy campaign for the presidency of Brazil, in 2018. Bruna, considered one of the most influential Brazilian women, has already posted the hashtag on social media before, including in stories when she shared one. publication by the actress Maria Ribeiro, to justify that she would not be in favor of the deputy nor did she agree with his positions.

After taking a stand against Bolsonaro, Marquezine had to block Instagram comments. This is because several supporters of Jair Messias Bolsonaro began to attack her through social media. Only Instagram users who are followers of the actress are able to comment on her photos.

Bruna will be in the Maldives series, on the streaming platform, alongside her best friend Manu Gavassi. The recordings have already finished and Bruna celebrated being able to carry out the work she had been waiting for. Yesterday was my last day as Liz. At least for a while. A year later, our journey comes to an end”, she said, who has been contracted by the service since 2020. The pandemic meant that recordings had to stop.

“At the beginning of this pandemic I would never have imagined that during such difficult times I would go back to a film set and that I would feel happy and artistically fulfilled again even in the midst of so many difficulties. This project was important to me on so many levels. Rescued me”, said Bruna.

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