Bulletin: Alagoas registers five more deaths and 173 new cases of Covid-19

The Epidemiological Bulletin of the State Department of Health (Sesau), this Monday (6/9), confirms 173 new cases of Covid-19 in Alagoas. Thus, the state has a total of 236,777 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus so far, of which 602 are in home isolation. Another 229,803 patients have already completed the period of isolation, have no more symptoms and are therefore recovered from the disease. There are 3,943 cases under epidemiological investigation. Five deaths were registered in Alagoas territory. With that, Alagoas has 6,106 deaths per Covid-19.

Confirmed cases of people with Covid-19 are distributed in 102 municipalities in Alagoas. Regarding the total number of deaths in Alagoas, 6,106 deaths are confirmed by Covid-19, but eight of them were of people residing in Pernambuco, São Paulo, Santa Catarina and Bahia, with six men and two women as victims. Of the 6,098 deaths of people residing in Alagoas, 3,372 were male and 2,726 female. There were 2,652 people who lived in Maceió and the other 3,446 lived in the interior of the state, according to the Strategic Health Surveillance Information Center (Cievs) , from Sesau.

To access the epidemiological bulletin, just click on this link and download data from Covid-19.

Deaths – In the bulletin of this Monday (6/9), five more deaths were confirmed, in the laboratory, because of the new coronavirus, two of them in the capital of Alagoas and three in the interior of the state. The victims of Maceió were a 66-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman. The 66-year-old man was hypertensive and died at the Women’s Hospital (HM), in Maceió; and the 25-year-old woman was diabetic and died at the Hospital Metropolitano de Alagoas (HMA), in Maceió.

Regarding the three victims who resided in the interior of the state, they were a 77-year-old man and two women aged 80 and 103 years. The 77-year-old man lived in Rio Largo, had diabetes and died at the University Hospital (HU), in Maceió; the 80-year-old woman lived in Santana do Ipanema, had hypertension and died at Hospital Chama, in Arapiraca; and the 103-year-old woman lived in Rio Largo, had no comorbidities and died at her home.

State Covid-19 Beds – Of the 1,488 beds created by the State Department of Health (Sesau) to exclusively serve patients with suspected and confirmed infection by the new coronavirus, 122 were occupied until 4 pm on Sunday (5/9), corresponding to 8% of the total. Currently, 57 patients are in ICU beds, four occupying intermediate beds and 61 in ward beds. To monitor the evolution of the occupancy of beds exclusive to Covid-19, access http://www.alagoascontraocoronavirus.al.gov.br/