Camera catches meteor crossing UK sky; watch – News

A meteor, which presented itself as a large flash of light, was seen in various parts of the UK around 22:47 (local time) last Sunday (5).

A video posted by the Solent Ship YouTube channel, which shares footage shot by drones and security cameras in the Port of Southampton on England’s south coast, shows the star crossing the sky (watch below).

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The phenomenon was also spotted in the southeastern city of Hampshire and captured live by the dashboard camera of a police vehicle passing along a highway. According to the local Hampshire Live portal, “many people” reported seeing the celestial body flying across the night sky.

According to the UK Meteor Network and Scamp (System for Capture of Asteroid and Meteorite Paths), two organizations that track meteors in the UK, early evidence suggests that the star has fallen into the ocean.

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A map of an initial trajectory showed the star arriving off the west coast of France before landing in the sea southwest of Guersney and Jersey, both islands in the British Crown that are not part of the United Kingdom.

Watch below the moment when the celestial body crossed the sky above Southampton Harbour:

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