Carla Perez sports a fit body in photos with Xanddy

Carla Perez and Xanddy they took advantage of the weekend to enjoy a speedboat ride in Salvador, Bahia. For leisure time, the former dancer of É o Tchan! bet on a stylish bikini which showed even more her beautiful curves and body in full shape.

“Heart at sea. Only A(MAR)”, wrote Carla while posting the tour records on her Instagram. Among the images published by the famous, she appears all smiling beside her husband.

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In other clicks, the muse appears alone, lavishing her lush beauty and a lot of sensuality. To complement the look, the famous woman wore a beach skirt with transparent details and also sunglasses.

On the social network, Carla Perez was quickly surrounded by lots of praise from your famous fans and friends. “Wonderful,” commented one follower. “Beauty Queen,” wrote another fan. “You were always beautiful!! Always”, said another admirer. “Simply beautiful”, praised another netizen.

Carla Perez (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
Carla Perez (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
Carla Perez (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

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