Cenapop · Michael K. Williams was in mental health therapy after recording series

Michael K. Williams talked about having struggled with chemical dependency and revealed that he had started therapy in order to take care of his mental health, after recording the series lovecraft country, months before he was found dead in his apartment in New York.

In an interview on the Tamron Hall talk show, the actor reported: “I just started therapy, you know, and I’m really taking it seriously and I’m starting to analyze everything. I’ve noticed the critic that’s on my mind and what and how it affected my actions, my responses to certain situations, my relationships,” he said. The program was shared on Youtube in February.

Michael also revealed his experience in Body Brokers, which left him “sick” and which ended up triggering memories of when he attended rehab centers “crying to sleep”. “People tend to think that when a person puts away drugs or alcohol, all problems go away. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Drugs and alcohol aren’t the problem, they’re just symptoms of the problem,” he lamented. .

“And once those things are gone, the real work begins, you know. It has to work on all the character defects, on the moral compass – the distorted moral compass,” added the actor. Williams was found dead in his apartment, aged 54, in New York. The Police Department is investigating the actor’s death as a possible overdose.