Chapecoense x Fluminense: Probable squads, arbitration, embezzlement and more

After stumbling at home against Juventude, Fluminense has another chance to try to climb the leaderboard of the Brazilian Championship this Monday night. At 9:30 pm, he faces the Chapecoense lantern, at Arena Condá, for the 19th round. With 22 points, Tricolor is in 12th place, but in case of victory it reaches the seventh position momentarily (it will have more game than some opponents).

For the match, coach Marcão will have some absences. Jhon Arias was released to accompany his grandmother’s burial in Colombia. He will give way to Luiz Henrique in the attack. Also in the offensive sector, Fred was spared and will be replaced by Bobadilla. Finally, the injured Egidio gives space to Danilo Barcelos on the left flank.

On the other hand, coach Pintado will not have defender Joilson due to injury. Kadu and Laércio dispute the place. Recovered from a muscle problem, defensive midfielder Anderson Leite can return.

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Date/time: 09/07/2021, at 9:30 pm (Brasilia time)
Local: Arena Condá, Chapecó (SC)
Arbitration: Savio Pereira Sampaio (DF), assisted by Daniel Henrique da Silva Andrade (DF) and José Reinaldo Nascimento Junior (DF)
Streaming: Rede Globo and Premiere
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CHAPECOENSE: Keiller, Matheus Ribeiro, Kadu (Laércio), Jordan and Busanello; Alan Santos, Anderson Leite (Moisés Ribeiro) and Denner; Bruno Silva, Anselmo Ramon and Mike. Technician: Painted.

Embezzlement: Felipe Santana, Ignacio, Joílson, Ronei, Tiepo and Vagner, injured.
Hanging: Anselmo Ramon, Denner, Derlan, Geuvânio, Keiller, Lima and Matheus Ribeiro.

FLUMINSE: Marcos Felipe, Samuel Xavier, Nino, Luccas Claro and Danilo Barcelos; André, Martinelli and Yago; Luiz Henrique, Lucca and Bobadilla. Technician: Bookmark.

Embezzlement: Hudson, Ganso, Gabriel Teixeira and Egidio, injured; Fred, spared; Jhon Arias, released to go to Colombia.
Hanging: Fred, André and Martinelli.