Christopher Lloyd redoes an excerpt from the 1st episode in a clip

the clips live action in Rick and Morty keep coming, bringing more interactions of Christopher Lloyd (Back to the future), as Rick Sanchez, with Morty Smith played by Jaeden Martell. After surprising revelation of the duo, and from a video you made direct reference to the episode “Pickle Rick” From the animation, a new promo features the recreation of the “100 years” speech that Rick gives his grandson in the first episode of the original series. See below.

Promotional action to promote the ending episodes of the fifth season of the animated series (which have already aired, causing strong reactions), the live-action videos have intrigued fans with the subtitles, which seem to make references to the alternate realities that are visited by the title characters.

Lloyd’s appearance on the promos is a special moment for the series, as Rick was inspired by Doc Brown, and Rick and Morty was born as a parody of Back to the future. In 2018 interview, the actor had already said that he was a spectator of the animation, and that he would love to play a role in it.

The season finale episode of Rick and Morty is available, along with the rest of the series, in the catalog of the HBO Max.