Civil House says it did not authorize gambling or received a request for exceptionality – 09/06/2021

The Casa Civil classified as “irregular” the entry of four players from the Argentine national team who left England less than 14 days ago for the game against the Brazilian team, in the World Cup qualifiers. The body linked to the Presidency of the Republic stated in a note that it had not received any request to allow the exceptional entry of goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez, defender Cristian Romero, defensive midfielder Lo Celso and attacking midfielder Emiliano Good morning.

The request for exceptionality is part of the same inter-ministerial ordinance 655, of June 23, 2021, whose text establishes the need for quarantine for those who come from the United Kingdom for at least 14 days. It is up to the Civil House to analyze exceptional requests, including from Brazilians.

According to the Civil House’s report, it would be up to some entity to make the request, as the CBF has already done before the FIFA date of June. According to the Brazilian organization, the Argentine Football Association was informed at least three times about the demands of the Brazilian authorities for the entry of travelers from England.

According to Anvisa, the Argentine players did not correctly inform the Brazilian authorities that they had previously come from English territory. Argentina played in Venezuela last Thursday (2). As the four did not comply with quarantine, they also committed a sanitary infraction, in addition to having lied in the official document. The outcome was the action of Anvisa agents to prevent the four from participating in the match at Neo Química Arena, yesterday (5), in São Paulo.

The Civil House said that Anvisa “complied” with the established norm. The game was interrupted because the Argentine team did not want to be on the field without the four – three of them were starters. Afterwards, the delegation returned to Buenos Aires.

Note from the Civil House

The Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic clarifies that, according to article 10 of ordinance 655, of June 23, 2021, it is within its institutional competence to coordinate, with Anvisa, the Ministry of Health and other bodies, the analysis of requests for exceptional entry into the country of people from the United Kingdom without the proper quarantine provided for in the Ordinance. After the analysis, which is technical, the Civil House communicates the decision of the bodies.

An example of this type of action by the Casa Civil is the coordination of the exceptional authorization to enter the country granted in May and June of this year to Brazilian players from English football, in preparation for the World Cup qualifiers. In this case, the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) sent a request for exceptionality before the players enter the country and committed to isolate them in the concentration of the selection, to report any symptoms of Covid-19 and to send all player information for control by the Ministry of Health.

In the case of Argentine players, it should be clarified that there was no request for exceptionality prior to the players’ entry flight into Brazil, making any kind of action by the Civil House impossible.

After the irregular entry of Argentine players in Brazil, it fell to Anvisa to comply with the rule established in Ordinance 655, a decision that was approved by the Ministry of Health, which notified Conmebol about the impossibility of the players’ performance in the match.

It should also be clarified that it is not up to the Civil House to authorize the entry into the field of players who are already in the country and who have not complied with the Brazilian health rules.