Claudio discovers that Felipe loves Enrico: “Masochistic patient”

In the next chapters of Empire, Claudius (José Mayer) continues with his plan to unmask Philip (Laércio Fonseca) and Enrico (Joaquim Lopes).

The ceremonialist makes a new appointment with the cook and tries to seduce him. After a lot of talking, she gains his trust and finds out that her son set him up to incriminate Vincent (Rafael Cardoso).

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“I threw the bait and you fell!”, shoots Claudio, who recorded the entire conversation. “I just did it to help Enrico”, justifies the cook, with no way out.

the husband of Beatrice (Suzy Rêgo), however, says she will fire him and report him to the police. But Felipe goes after his boss and shows his true face.

“Mr Enrico is right. You are not a good person. I won’t let you do anything to him!”, fires, breaking a bottle and pointing at Claudio.

Felipe threatens to cut the boss’s neck if he doesn’t hand him the recorder. “What reaction is this? Are you as sick as Enrico?”, asks Claudio, realizing that the employee is in love with his son.

“Are you in love with Enrico? Are you in love with a homophobe? You are sicker than he is! He’s a masochist!”, fires, stoking the boy’s ire.

About to be attacked, Claudio is saved by a waiter, who grabs Felipe and makes him drop the bottle. The ceremonialist says he feels sorry for the boy, but he can’t get rid of him. He is summoned to testify to the police to clarify the situation.

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