Council cited by Bolsonaro discusses federal intervention and institutional stability | Policy

Cited by Jair Bolsonaro during a speech this Tuesday (7), the Council of the Republic is a body headed by the President of the Republic that has, by definition, the prerogative of dealing with “federal intervention, state of defense and state of siege” and also “issues relevant to the stability of democratic institutions”.

This Tuesday morning (7), in a speech during a political act under the pretext of celebrating Independence Day, Bolsonaro made a coup threat to the Supreme Court (video below) and stated that on Wednesday (8) there will be a board meeting.

'Either the head of that power frames yours, or that power can suffer what we don't want,' says Bolsonaro

‘Either the head of that power frames yours, or that power can suffer what we don’t want,’ says Bolsonaro

“Tomorrow I will be at the Council of the Republic together with ministers for us, together with the president of the Chamber [deputado Arthur Lira], of the Senate [senador Rodrigo Pacheco] and the Federal Supreme Court [ministro Luiz Fux], with this photograph of you, show where we should all go,” he said.

The law that provides for the organization and functioning of the Council of the Republic, defined as a “superior body for consulting the president”, was sanctioned in 1990 by then-president Fernando Collor.

Although Bolsonaro mentioned the STF, the court does not have a representative in the Council of the Republic. Integrate the body:

  • the Vice President of the Republic;
  • the presidents of the House and Senate;
  • the House and Senate minority and majority leaders;
  • the Minister of Justice;
  • six citizens – two chosen by the president, two by the House and two by the Senate.

As reported by journalist Valdo Cruz, columnist for G1 and GloboNews commentator, the heads of the other powers were not informed about any meeting of the Council of the Republic this Wednesday. None of them participated in the morning of the flag-raising ceremony, at Palácio da Alvorada, in celebration of Independence Day.

This year, Bolsonaro appointed Minister Augusto Heleno, from the Institutional Security Office (GSI), and the president of the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (Fiesp), Paulo Skaf, as members to the council. For alternates, federal deputy Vitor Hugo (PSL-GO) and Pedro César Nunes, deputy head for Legal Affairs of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic were appointed.

President’s call

Council meetings, as required by law, are called by the President of the Republic. In 2018, the agency met to discuss federal intervention in Rio de Janeiro’s security.

The Federal Constitution provides that the President of the Republic may, after consultation with the Council of the Republic and the Council of National Defense, “declare a state of defense to preserve or promptly re-establish, in restricted and determined places, public order or social peace threatened by serious and imminent institutional instability or affected by calamities of great proportions in nature”.

The state of defense act must be sent to Congress within 24 hours and submitted for approval by an absolute majority.

The state of siege also depends on the authorization of parliamentarians and is requested in cases of:

  • serious commotion of national repercussion or occurrence of facts that prove the ineffectiveness of the measure taken during the state of defense;
  • declaration of state of war or response to foreign armed aggression.