Court orders transfer, but patient remains at UPA for days at risk of life

Even with a court decision, a patient from Patos de Minas continues for days without receiving proper medical care. Antônio Soares Nogueira urgently needs a bicameral transvenous cardiac pacemaker implantation surgery. The preliminary injunction was published on August 31, and the public authorities had up to 72 hours for a solution, but nothing happened. The whole family is distressed and doesn’t know what to do anymore.

Patos Hoje spoke this Monday (06) afternoon with Elenir Soares, Mr. Antônio’s daughter. She said that her father is in the emergency department of the Emergency Care Unit. He is being monitored by devices, with a heart rate between 32 and 36. “The situation is desperate. Every day he gets weaker and he can’t get out of here. They have already looked for a vacancy throughout the state and nothing so far”, he said.

According to her, the court decision came last Tuesday afternoon and the deadline was 48 hours for public hospitals to perform the procedure or 72 hours for private hospitals to be hired to do the procedure. Elenir informed that he has been hospitalized in the unit for 12 days and he no longer knows what to do. “Only denial, only denial. They claim they have no vacancy. And we continue with this anguish that way,” he said.

In the decision, judge Marcus Caminhas Fasciani highlights that the patient has a disease, whose treatment depends on the surgical procedure. “Health is everyone’s right and the State’s duty, guaranteed through social and economic policies aimed at reducing the risk of disease and other health problems and at universal and equal access to actions and services for its promotion, protection and recovery. This is what art. 196 of the Federal Constitution.”, he quoted. The family asked the authorities to take action as quickly as possible.