Deborah says Li Martins and JP’s moaning was fake

Deborah Albuquerque and Bruno Salomão, the “Fênix Couple” of “Power Couple Brasil 5” (TV Record) claimed that the “moaning” of Li Martins and JP Mantovani was false.

“The bed they were in is made of iron and it really makes noise. The guy in question is very big and he couldn’t fit in the bed,” Bruno said in an interview with “Foi Mau” (Rede TV!). According to him, the noises were because JP moved a lot at night.

“We only heard a fight between these two. This story is kind of poorly told, because she herself told me ‘in the interns’ that nothing like that happened”, commented Deborah.

The video of the explicit sounds of sexual intercourse was successful on the Internet, but as the Play Plus cameras did not show the interior of the room, a mystery was created to know who was the couple responsible for the moans.

With the revelation that it would be Li and JP, they got a new nickname: the moaning couple.

Bruno needles and says that the couple took advantage of the fame that the meme generated: “The said whose said they surfed the wave”. The runners-up also say that many of the reality couples aren’t real.

“There were a lot of fake couples there and we know it”, says Bruno. “There were a lot of assembled couples, who aren’t even together today”, concludes Deborah.

The entire interview will be shown on “Foi Mau”, which airs on Mondays, at 10:30 pm, on the screen of RedeTV!.