Deolane Bezerra on MC Kevin in the Night in Death: ‘Foolish’

Deolane Bezerra on MC Kevin in the Night in Death: 'Foolish'

Deolane Bezerra on MC Kevin in the Night in Death: ‘Foolish’

Deolane Calf, lawyer and widow of MC Kevin, he remembered the night of death of the funkeiro, who died after falling off the balcony of a hotel in Rio de Janeiro in May, at the age of 23.

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She said that she spoke with Valquíria Nascimento, Kevin’s mother, before the trip to Rio.

“On the day we went to Rio, I told her: ‘I have a really bad feeling, Val.’ And she said: ‘Go, because if you are my son, come back’. Only I thought because it was forbidden to dance. When they hired Kevin, I said: ‘Life, don’t go, we’ll get ready here’, and he said: ‘No, I have to pay the bills’. […] I went with him and he didn’t come back. I came back alone and he was in a coffin”, recalled Deolane Bezerra.

The lawyer said the two were getting ready for bed when the MC was called by friends who were accompanying him on the trip. “I know how influential Kevin was, he was very young. It is very difficult for a 22-year-old boy who came out of extreme poverty to have a wife, money, car, club, everything at his disposal right in front of him, it is very difficult to say no”, she said.

She also talked about the times at the hospital. “They didn’t let me see him. I saw Kevin alive at 12pm, 1pm and then in the coffin. I saw him from a distance coming on the stretcher. […] It seemed like he didn’t want me to see him in that state, every time I tried he got sick. […] I only saw Val in front of me, thinking: ‘My God, what am I going to tell his mother?’ I didn’t have the courage to break the news to her”, recalled Deolane.

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