Director of Anvisa says agents were embarrassed when trying to notify Argentine athletes | well friends!

According to Alex Machado Campos, employees were constrained in the stadium’s corridors and prevented from notifying Argentine athletes Emiliano Martinez, Emiliano Buendia, Giovani Lo Celso and Cristian Romero. See everything in the video above.

– We arrived in Itaquera at 15:00. One hour before the start of the show. If the players had been introduced to Anvisa… Because our server moved from Guarulhos with a Federal Police garrison, and that movement of embarrassment began. The most correct word for embarrassment. Trying to notify players, enter a room, leave a room. Wait for authority. Wait. In a clear attempt (by the Argentines) to take the fact for granted.

+ Argentina made a formal request to have players; Ministry of Health denied 50 minutes before the game

Alex Machado Campos, director of Anvisa, in “Bem, Amigos!” — Photo: Reproduction

Also according to the director of Anvisa, the intention was to segregate the athletes before the start of the confrontation, which was not possible due to the impediment of members of the Argentine delegation.

– In fact, Anvisa wanted to segregate the four players, who had repeated actions of non-compliance and abuse of Brazilian law, and take them to the airport, which would be segregated there too. We have done this with other situations, with people arriving in Guarulhos and segregated in a restricted area at the airport, and sometimes it takes a day or two for the flight to repatriate or deport these people. All this in good tone, humanitarian and civilized tone. We are in an exceptional moment, when the whole world is very cautious. But this was the measure of combat, common sense, of segregating players. And it was obvious that this would not prevent, as it did not, that all procedures in view of the investigation and performance of the players, from a sanitary and penal point of view, from taking place.

"Well, Friends!" takes step by step of all the problems involving the match between Brazil and Argentina

“Well Friends!” takes step by step of all the problems involving the match between Brazil and Argentina

After the statements, Galvão Bueno stated that Alex Campos’ testimony was a response to what happened during the game, and the director of Anvisa agreed.

– All day long, the comment was: why didn’t Anvisa file a notice before? He has just said, and for the first time this is very clear. They were constrained and prevented from performing their work – said Galvão.

FIFA notifies CBF, AFA and Conmebol

FIFA has opened an investigation into the suspension of the match between Brazil and Argentina, for the South American qualifiers for the World Cup. The information was published by Uol and confirmed by ge. CBF was notified. The entity that commands world football also asked Conmebol and the AFA for information.

CBF now has an initial period of six days to send documents and information for its defense. FIFA’s investigation is about a possible violation of article 14 of its Disciplinary Code, which concerns abandoned or incomplete matches.

PF announces investigation of four Argentine players for ideological falsehood

PF announces investigation of four Argentine players for ideological falsehood

Any infringement of the article provides for a minimum fine of 10,000 Swiss francs (BRL 56,000) and “additional disciplinary measures” if the match is not rescheduled. FIFA’s intention is to have a quick outcome on the case.

Anvisa agents interrupt Brazil v Argentina: FIFA investigates match events — Photo: REUTERS/Amanda Perobelli

Also on Monday, the organization issued an official note in which it signaled such an investigation. FIFA President Gianni Infantino he said that what happened in São Paulo was “madness”.

– We saw what happened with the game between Brazil and Argentina, two of the most glorious teams in South America. It’s crazy, but we need to deal with these challenges, these issues that come on top of the Covid crisis – said Infantino, in a video recorded and shown during the ECA (European Club Association) meeting.

+ Brazil x Argentina FAQs: everything that is known so far about the case

So far, the CBF has issued two official notes on the subject. In the first, hours after the match was suspended, she regretted the episode and showed surprise with Anvisa’s attitude.

This Monday, the entity reiterated that it informed the AFA about the sanitary restrictions in force in Brazil and confirmed that the Argentines were aware of the irregularities of the four players (Emiliano Martínez, Buendia, Romero and Lo Celso). According to Anvisa, the quartet omitted that it was in the UK in the last 14 days, which would require a quarantine on arrival in Brazil.

CBF’s strategy is to exempt itself from the responsibility of the interruption of the game. On the field, coach Tite reiterated that players remained on the pitch at Neo Química Arena, as a sign that they were willing to play. The decision not to continue with the match came from the Argentines, who would not go ahead without three holders, Emiliano Martínez, Romero and Lo Celso.

Documents obtained by ge show that on Saturday, the eve of the game, the AFA formally asked the Ministry of Health, the Civil House and Anvisa to release the four athletes. The final answer, with the Ministry of Health’s denial, was electronically signed on Sunday 50 minutes before the start of the match

After the suspension of the match, the Argentine delegation returned to Buenos Aires on Sunday night. The four players were released on Monday and will return to their clubs: goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez and attacking midfielder Buendia to Aston Villa, and defender Romero and midfielder Lo Celso, to Tottenham.

This Thursday, Brazil receives Peru at the Arena Pernambuco, at 9:30 pm, and Argentina takes Bolivia at the Monumental de Núñez, at 8:30 pm.