Document shows that Argentina was advised to request exceptionality for players | qualifiers – south america

Conmebol, AFA and CBF were informed on the eve of the match between Brazil and Argentina that four Argentine players were in Brazil in an irregular situation. O ge had access to a report prepared by the Epidemiological Surveillance of the State of São Paulo, which on Friday night was called by Anvisa to deal with the case. O Blog by Octavio Guedes, from G1, initially published the content of the document.

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Two meetings were held on Saturday: one at 10 am and one at 5 pm. In the first, the passports of the Argentine players were checked – goalkeeper Martínez, defender Romero and midfielders Buendía and Lo Celso – who play in English football, and there it was confirmed that they had been in England (where they live) in the previous 14 days . The Brazilian authorities then instructed them not to participate in the training, scheduled for that night, at 6:30 pm.

Argentine players leave the field after the interruption — Photo: Marcos Ribolli

Later, at 5 pm, there was another meeting, in which Anvisa, Ministry of Health, Epidemiological Surveillance of São Paulo, CBF, Conmebol and AFA participated. An excerpt from the four-page document says:

– Thus, CONMEBOL and the Argentine delegation were instructed to follow the recommendations of Ordinance 655, to formalize the request for exceptionality with the utmost urgency, so that the analysis of the documentation would be feasible before the game was played.

According to the ge found out, this suggestion was, yes, accepted by the AFA. Documents asking for “exceptionalism” for the four players were sent to the Civil House’s Articulation and Monitoring Sub-Head, which is the body responsible for analyzing these requests.

Anvisa and Federal Police agents interrupt the game

Anvisa and Federal Police agents interrupt the game

The documents contain the information that the players passed through England in the 14 days prior to arrival in Brazil and also inform that all of them are vaccinated and had PCR tests with negative results.

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Anvisa claims that it never received these orders. The Civil House responded to the report that “there may have been consultations made during the holiday”, but assured that “there were never responses that could be in disagreement with the sanitary determinations of Anvisa” (read the full response below).

The São Paulo Epidemiological Surveillance report also makes it clear that it was not the four Argentine players who filled out the forms to enter the country. Who did it was Fernando Ariel Batista, an AFA employee.

The online form must be completed prior to check-in on flights. But it is possible to complete the filling without informing the travel history. The only mandatory field is “last country of origin”. After that, there are fields for “travel history”, but the system allows you to complete the completion without completing these fields.

Read the note from the Civil House:

“There may have been queries made during the holiday, a period when civil servants and staff are on a long holiday due to September 7. But there has never been any response or expression of response, including for this reason, that go beyond the attributions of the sanitary regulatory bodies, which are independent. What matters is not request texts that may have been sent. What matters, for all practical purposes, are the answers. And there have never been answers from the Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic that could be in disagreement with the sanitary determinations of Anvisa.”