Empire: Maria Clara faces Maurilio to defend Cristina

Maria Clara (Andréia Horta) will defend Cristina (Leandra Leal) from a threat from Maurílio (Carmo Della Vechia). The scenes will air this week in Empire.

Cora’s niece (Marjore Estiano) will test the patience of Maria Marta’s fiance (Lilian Cabral) by questioning him in front of shareholders about the origin of the money he is spending to save the Medeiros family’s jewelry store.

“Do you think you can treat me this hostile way like you did earlier in the boardroom? Who do you think you are to think I’ll put up with this for a long time? After I marry Marta and take over the company, the things are going to change around here. And a lot,” growls the antagonist.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t sing victory before my time. When I put my cards on the table, you’ll be surprised”, will return José Alfredo’s eldest daughter (Alexandre Nero). “If you don’t die before then, tomboy,” will fire the jerk.

At the same time, Maria Clara will say: “Hey, what is this? Are you threatening Cristina?”.

“Aren’t you going to tell me that you didn’t want this girl to disappear from the map either?”, Maurílio will say, knowing about the disagreement between the sisters over Vicente (Rafael Cardoso).

“That I agree with. She is unbearable, but as for the threat…”, the young woman will say. “I just unburdened myself. I don’t like violence”, will finish the villain.