Famous people cheer for improvement of Patrícia Poeta after hospitalization

Patricia Poeta has been hospitalized for a week, after undergoing emergency tonsil surgery. The journalist went to Instagram this Friday (06) to update her health status to fans and followers, and ended up receiving a shower of comments from famous people in her support at this time.

“I have received many loving messages from you. First of all, thank you for your concern,” said Patricia Poeta, who, at 44, impresses with natural and real beauty on the web. The thanks came in a photo posted on Instagram, while the presenter is still in the hospital, and soon received support from friends.

“I’m rooting for your improvement. You can count on my prayers. You’ll be fine. And soon you’ll be back doing what you like,” wrote Fátima Bernardes. Thiago Lacerda left a flower and a sun, while Thiago Fragoso wished for better. “Now, everything will be back to normal! I’m sure!”, said the actor. “Good recovery,” said Serginho Grossman. “Getting better for you,” wrote Joao Baldasserini, leaving a kiss.

Patrícia Poeta comments recovery after hospitalization: ‘I’m still not 100%’

The journalist reassured fans, but stated that she is still not fully recovered after the scare of surgery. “I’m still not 100%. A little far from that, I confess… but I’ll be fine,” said Patricia Poeta. The famous continued to wish her quick recovery.

“It looks good, dear”, wished Fafá de Belém. “Get better!! May your recovery be brief”, wrote Monique Alfradique. “Improvements”, said Adriane Galisteu, supporter of the beauty campaign without makeup, as well as other famous ones. Marcelo Serrado wished for strength and Ary Fontoura and extended the show of affection. “My dear! You will be fine, in prayer here!”, he said and then added: “Soon you will be fully recovered, toasting us all with your beauty. Stay with God.”

“Get better dear!!! Faith that everything has already worked out! I’ll put you in my prayers”, said Heloísa Perissé. “Patricia! Vibrating and praying for your recovery! Be well my dear,” said Juliana Paes. “Get better! Everything will be fine,” said Thelma, “BBB 20” champion, as well as Monica Martelli.

Web wishes Patrícia Poet better: ‘Health’

“Uh…. My dear…. Get well,” said Leilane Neubarth. Marcio Garcia left his hands in prayer, and Cissa Guimarães, who appeared in a bikini and exuded sympathy with fans in a recent click, also commented: “Get better, dear,” said the actress. Taís Araújo wished for health.

Fans also supported the presenter. “Improvements,” wrote several. “It already worked,” commented a follower. “I appreciate improvement,” said another. “You improve my queen,” said one more.