Felipão reverses the plans and tests a new formation to face Ceará; defensive sector will be the most impacted


In addition to specific works for the match that takes place next Sunday, Grêmio changes the concentration date




The Immortal has a week to trim edges, adjust the team, and test. It is precisely this last action mentioned that Luiz Felipe Scolari focuses his attention on the beginning of his preparations to face Ceará, next Sunday (12), at Arena, in Porto Alegre. In addition to the work to improve the pressure in marking the Tricolor squad, the coach will analyze who will be cast on the left side.

Good news for the game against Ceará: Geromel and Kannemann are back in Grêmio’s central defense. For the match, the Tricolor dos Pampas football department changed the date of concentration. It had previously been determined that players would group together on Wednesday (8), but that date was rescheduled to Thursday (9).

The tests on the left side have Guilherme Guedes as the protagonist. The player has already been observed in other trainings and during this week, he will be activated again in the sector, for that, Felipão would remove Vanderson and put Rafinha to occupy the right sector. The information is from Globosporte.com.

Guilherme Guedes was called in by Felipão in a test sequence and is the pivot of the changes in the defensive system for the game against Ceará – Photo: PHOTO: LUCAS UEBEL/GREMIO FBPA

The match on Sunday (12), against Ceará, will be at 11:00 am, so the work during the training week will be all scheduled for the morning, in search of the best adaptation to the schedule. Such schedule planning was already being carried out during the last week.