Felipe discovers that Joãozinho is not Dudu and gets emotional

Felipe hugs Ricardo in Proof of Love
Felipe discovers that Joãozinho is Ricardo

In Proof of love, Felipe is the one who most resists believing that Joãozinho is Ricardo. However, Joana will be able to convince him in a very simple and indisputable way. This will happen because she will show her husband that the boy does not have any fillings in his teeth, unlike Dudu.

During an appointment with Dr. Marco, Joana will come face to face with Joãozinho. She will ask her son to be honest about him being Ricardo. The boy will confirm that it is the other twin and the mother will realize that he is telling the truth. However, confirmation will only come a few chapters later, when the doctor realizes that Joãozinho does not have any fillings in his teeth, while Dudu has always attended the dentist and has already had several fillings.

In another appointment with the psychiatrist, Felipe will agree to participate in therapy. Joana will soon arrive accompanied by Joãozinho. “I have proof, definitive proof that this beautiful boy here is Ricardo”, the doctor will say. Next, Joana will show that Joãozinho does not have any fillings in his teeth. At that moment, Ricardo will be in shock. “Where’s that filling you kept showing us?” he will ask, touching his son’s mouth.

“You are my son, you are my other son! I thought that…”, Felipe will say, moved. “I know what you thought, that I had died, but I didn’t. I’m here”, says Ricardo. “You forgive daddy, do you? […] Hug me my son”, the father will say in tears.

Proof of love was written by James Santiago and originally aired between October 24, 2005 and July 17, 2006, in 229 chapters. In the main roles, the soap opera featured Lavínia Vlasak, Marcelo Serrado, Leonardo Vieira, Bianca Rinaldi, among others.