Fiat and Volkswagen prepare farewell to Uno, Doblò, Grand Siena and Fox

The next few months will be the last for four very popular cars in Brazil. In the final stretch of production, Fiat One, grand siena and Double will no longer be made until December, as well as the Volkswagen Fox. although the mandatory stability control on national cars has stayed until 2024, the veteran quartet will be discontinued to make room for the production of newer models.

At Fiat, for example, the end of production of the Uno was circumvented with the launch of the 2022 line of the furniture. The hatch is among the best-selling cars in the country in 2021. In it, the main novelty is the multimedia with a touch-sensitive screen that offers wireless connection with Android Auto and Apple Carplay. Equipment that was inherited from Strada pickup.

Volkswagen Fiat Mobi

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already the grand siena will go out of line for the Italian brand to focus efforts on the sedan Chronos, which has recently been standing out in sales. Finally, the Doblo multivan will not have direct replacement. However, in the price list, your exit will make room for the SUV Pulse, which will have values ​​in the range of R$ 100 thousand and debut this month as the main launch of the brand in the country.

At Volkswagen, the strategy follows the same path. Noticing the changes in the market, the German automaker is going to take the Fox, which has not been successful for a long time, out of line. However, for its place, VW will bring a new entry version of Polo, as well as new generation of goal, which will transform into a small SUV.

End of production

As anticipated by Car Journal in May, 16 cars are nearing the end of production in Brazil. See the full list. It is noteworthy that these changes will happen because of the new technological demands of the market. In other words, with the news, cars that do not have generational updates are lagging behind on license plates. Outside, of course, the preference is increasingly dominating for SUVs.

Fiat Uno, Siena and Doblò

According to the journalist Fernando Calmon, a specialist in the automobile industry, the forecast for the end of production for the Fiat trio is by the end of this year. Uno, for example, will close at a time when there are no encouraging sales. In 2020, the hatch had 22,737 licenses, an amount much lower than that obtained in its glory days, when it reached 230 thousand sales in 2010.

This is the same reason for the departure of Siena. In 2014, the sedan surpassed 106,000 units sold. However, in 2020, there were only a little more than 10 thousand licenses.


The Doblò, on the other hand, had its last restyled in 2009 and will already complete 20 years on the market. However, the price was one of the obstacles. The van is in the range of R$ 111,990 in the regular version. That is, same value of SUVs as Jeep Renegade and VW T-Cross.

Volkswagen Fox

The high-ceiling hapth, which has already been discontinued in Argentina, will also come to an end in Brazil after the 2022 line approaches R$ 60 thousand, with the top version reaching up to R$ 70 thousand.

Even though it represents a good number of sales and is the cheapest 1.6 flex, Fox is a project of almost 20 years. Furthermore, it is derived from the PQ24 platform of the old generation Polo. Therefore, the German brand will retire the hatch and replace it with the new Polo Track, which will debut in Brazil soon.

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