Find out if banks open today or not

For the unsuspecting, it is important to remember that Tuesday (07) is a holiday, so several places of service to the public must amend this Monday (06). Find out if the following banks open today or not.

  • Will Caixa, BB, Santander, Bradesco and Itaú open today?

According to the Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban), bank branches that did not adhere to the optional point should work normally today, but all should close on Tuesday (7th). Therefore, the recommendation is that if you have any pending items, try to go to the bank today. To avoid queues, it’s important to plan ahead.

Due to the pandemic, the suggestion is that face-to-face service be the last option and priority be given to the digital channels of each bank.

Bill payment

Slips and consumption bills (such as internet, telephone, water, energy, among others) that have the due date for Tuesday (07), can be paid on the next business day.

But if you need to solve a problem that needs personal attention, it’s important to note the hours of operation. You can go to bank branches that did not adhere to the optional point this Monday (6th).

Now that you know which banks are open today, remember that paying bills on time is important, for example, for your score, as well as avoiding interest and fines depending on the charge. In some bills, if paid by the due date, there is even a discount, which can be an excellent option to save in the face of the economic crisis that the country is facing.

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But if you need to withdraw money or make an appointment at the ATM, don’t worry. Bank branch ATMs and ATMs are normally open even on holidays.

It is also possible to use channels where it is not necessary to open the branch, such as mobile and internet banking, ATMs, telephone banking and correspondents to carry out financial transactions.

On Wednesday (08) the service of bank branches should work normally. Remembering that the recommendation is only to go to bank branches if it is not possible to solve your problem through electronic channels.

avoid interest

Payment slips are usually updated for expiration on business days, but it is important to keep an eye on the expiration date. And don’t forget to pay the next business day, if possible.

Avoiding interest is also saving.

The programming here is essential, whether it’s not to wait hours in line or pay abusive interest. In a pandemic, it is also recommended to avoid agglomerations. So, don’t leave it to the last minute.

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