Fired from CNN, Evaristo Costa jokes with the situation and shares meme – Famous

Evaristo Costa (photo: Disclosure)

Evaristo Coast, recently fired from CNN Brazil in an unusual way, played with the fact this Monday morning (6). The journalist shared an Instagram meme of a man talking on the phone, who loses balance and nearly falls out of a pool.

“Evaristo calling to find out about your show and being dismissed,” says the video caption. The presenter even added the hashtags “better laugh” and “good mood”. In the comments, famous people expressed support for the journalist.

“Evaristo… times are strange, but this kind of disrespectful conduct that you suffered was never well received by the public… On the other hand, you have conquered a place in the hearts of so many people, this place of affection, that your talent and charisma have conquered, no one takes… in this fertile soil that the future must be sown… a big kiss”, he wrote Juliana Paes.

Last Friday (09/03), Evaristo he explained how he found out that the network had dumped him.

“Father is ON. Since Sept 1st I found out that I am no longer part of CNN. Yes, I used to work at CNN, but when I came back from vacation, watching a program call I noticed my program was missing,” explained the journalist.

Evaristo said that, unlike the station, he called to try to understand the reasons: “I was informed that he had been removed from the grid and that the company was no longer interested in my services. of the game!”, he pointed out.

Finally, Costa showed his openness to new projects and closed the matter: “‘Your will be done’. When I recover from what happened, I’ll give you more details. Free on the track”, he concluded Evaristo, which presented the CNN Original Series.