Fiuk criticizes Boninho’s note after performance as Amy Winehouse

The new season of “Show of the Famous” aired inside the “Domingão” with Huck this Sunday (5) was marked by a climate between Fiuk and Boninho. In the premiere episode, Fábio Jr.’s son won 9.7, one of the lowest grades of the night, and he didn’t hide his dissatisfaction when being judged by Globo’s all-powerful.

Fiuk chose to honor none other than star Amy Winehouse (1983-2011). On the occasion, the third place of BBB21 interpreted the song Valerie, one of the biggest hits of the British singer. According to Boninho’s observation, he disappointed when he focused on gestures, giving little emphasis to the voice of the honored artist at the time.

“I liked it”, he prepared, before highlighting the negative points of the presentation. “It’s a very big difficulty, but you were thinking a lot about bringing Amy’s antics. It was always necessary to remember the rehearsed step. I wanted to see you a little more relaxed, joking, having fun. The good thing here is to let the thing loose”, said director of Globo.

As soon as Ana Furtado’s husband concluded his observation, Fiuk was dissatisfied and slightly criticized the judge’s assessment. “Hey, after the BBB I was expecting a good grade from Boninho”, said the brother of actress and singer Cleo, who then tried to show understanding: “But it’s starting”.

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Despite giving Fiuk the lowest grade of the night, Boninho explained that it was his first performance and that’s why he was being stricter with the competitors. Gloria Groove took 9.8, the highest score of the night given by the judge. The singer Margareth Menezes received 9.7, the same rating as Fiuk.

“Will have! It’s still just the first one”, guaranteed the brilliant mind behind the reality show “Big Brother Brasil” about more generous notes. Fiuk and his competitors will return to the “Domingão” stage in two weeks. Meanwhile, Thiago Arancam, Vitor Kley and Wanessa Camargo, from group B, will perform next week.

At the “Show dos Famosos”, Fiuk also received some touches from Preta Gil, another judge in the competition. “You have insecurities and you get stuck with some things. You did a great deconstruction to be here. Amy had some of her fear, her vulnerability. I’ll give it 10, but I promise to get stricter”.

Despite taking the lowest score from Boninho, Fiuk managed to occupy the lead tying with singer Gloria Groove, totaling 39.6. The actor received 9.9 from the audience. The singer Magareth Menezes was third with 39.5. Before leaving the stage, the ex-BBB needled Boninho: “I’m sorry for today [Glória, por ter ocupado a primeira colocação], later I don’t know”.

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