Fiuk is mistaken for Cleo Pires after tribute to Amy Winehouse

posted on 09/06/2021 10:28 am

  (credit: TV Globo/Reprodução)

(credit: TV Globo/Reprodução)

Actor and singer Fiuk participated in the debut of famous show 2021 and decided to honor singer Amy Winehouse at Luciano Huck’s debut on Sundays, like Huck’s Sunday. However, it ended up generating some jokes among internet users on social networks and even the presenter Luciano Huck and Xuxa, guest of the jury.

“Is it harder to sing or walk in this heel?” asked the presenter. “Man, I live with challenges. Everything that destabilizes me, I go after it to see what happens, so it’s a very big challenge,” replied the formerBBB, who sang the song Valerie.

Fiuk’s characterization was compared to his sister, Cleo Pires: “Looking at you beat and that’s it, you’re a mix of Amy Winehouse and Cleo,” joked Luciano. Fiuk didn’t miss the opportunity and also joined in the joke: “So, I made this joke in there [no camarim]. I said they took aim at Amy and hit my sister.”

Boninho, who was also a juror, gave 9.7 to Fiuk: “I was feeling that you were very stuck. I wanted to see you more relaxed, playing and having fun. The best thing is to let the animal loose, this will give greater pressure for us to feel”.

Xuxa disagreed with Boninho, but also compared Fiuk with her sister: “Contrary to Boninho, I found that lost look very much of hers. [da Amy]. She had this insecurity, I’ll give you 10, first by your voice. This challenge of having changed the tone of voice and also using the heel”.

Fiuk took 9.9, having received the highest score from the virtual audience, taking the lead in the first round alongside Gloria Groove. On twitter, internet users were divided between jokes about the presentation and praise for the artist.