Fiuk surprises by coming up with a new affair on the road

Fiuk and Thaisa Carvalho posted records in the same place (Image: Reproduction – Instagram / Editing – RD1)

fiuk traveled to enjoy the long holiday and reinforced the rumors that he is having an affair with Thaisa Carvalho. On social networks, the two showed some details of the place where they are staying, in a luxury cabin in Brotas, in the interior of São Paulo.

In the images, the two maintain discretion and do not appear together. The musician appeared in the background of Thaisa’s stories playing the song Amor da Minha Vida, which he released while he was confined at BBB 2021.

Gratitude for days of rest and peace“, commented while taking a tour through space. Rumors of the involvement of the two emerged when the famous was still on the global reality show. At the time, Thaisa confirmed the romance, but made it clear that they had broken up before the program.

I’ve been a fan of Fiuk since 2009. Since I was a child I have followed and admired his work. After 10 years, last year, we started writing a story together. Regardless of anything, we lived incredible moments together, very incredible and that I will never forget”, he said, reinforcing:

“It was the beginning of a story and we were waiting for the right time for this to happen. Not exhibiting was our option, together, never only his”.

It’s worth remembering that Fiuk debuted on stage at the Show dos Famosos this weekend. This Sunday (5), the ex-BBB came to shoot, with good humor, the assessment made by the jury of the attraction, Boninho.

The son of Fábio Jr. paid tribute to British artist Amy Winehouse, who died in 2011. In his assessment, the director of the Rio station, then, chose the grade 9.7 for the artist’s performance in Luciano Huck’s debut as Sunday presenter .

I liked. It’s a very big difficulty, but you were thinking a lot about bringing Amy’s antics. It was always necessary to remember the rehearsed step. I wanted to see you a little more relaxed, joking, having fun. The good thing here is to let the thing loose“, declared the global.

The ex-BBB, however, surprised and reacted: “Wow, after the BBB I was expecting a good grade from Boninho. But it’s starting“. Always very demanding, the director commented: “Will have! It’s still just the first”.

Guinho Santos

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