Flamengo opens an internal debate on David Luiz and is considering presenting a proposal in the coming days | Flamengo

The name of David Luiz, finally, entered the agenda for real backstage at Flamengo.

The name of the defender is being debated by the club’s top management in meetings that are also beginning to define the budget for 2022. The directors are talking about the decisive weight of hiring for the final stretch of the season and the conditions are on the table. The expectation is that Flamengo will reach a value within the limits foreseen to formalize the proposal to the former Arsenal player in the coming days.

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David Luiz’s last club was Arsenal — Photo: Reuters

Marcos Braz has spent the last two weeks surrounding manager Giuliano Bertolucci to make it clear how far the club can stretch the rope and know how much David would be willing to stretch.

The attitude in this period was that there was no reason to formalize a proposal for two reasons: there would be no way to compete financially with the Europeans and all parties should be aware that it would be necessary to readjust to what the athlete has become accustomed to winning in the last few years. years old.

From the first moment, the Bertolucci group was in favor of the agreement with Flamengo, believing that it would be important to change David’s image among Brazilians. The assessment is that a successful passage through the club would reduce the impact of criticism during the Selection period.

Given what was talked about with Braz over the past few weeks, there is confidence in a hit if Flamengo formalizes a proposal within its standards. David Luiz is touched by the affection on social media by fans of an unrelated club, but he doesn’t want to leave the impression that the club is the last option and awaits a formal proposal.

With the main European markets and the registration periods for European competitions closed, Flamengo is even in a comfortable condition to convince David to return to Brazil. The player left Vitória in 2006 and spent 15 years in Europe.

Without the same rush of fans, even for strategy, Flamengo works to have the defender without compromising their budget. And there’s still time for that: registration for Libertadores only closes on September 17th.

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