For price reasons, Ryanair gives up the Boeing 737 MAX with 230 seats

The largest and probably densest of all Boeing 737s will not be part of Ryanair’s fleet, the low-cost Irish-based airline said today.

Disclosure – Ryanair

The Irish company is one of the largest Boeing 737 jet operators in the world, and has the 737 MAX 8 in its fleet, in the special MAX 8 200 version. This version is the densest ever made for a 737 and, as the name says , can take up to 200 passengers due to a special configuration that includes an emergency rear door, something that doesn’t come standard on the MAX 8.

The company’s plans, however, went beyond that. Ryanair wanted, and was negotiating, a high-density version of the MAX 10, a jet that is 4 meters larger and could carry up to 230 passengers. Negotiations took 10 months and ended today, without success.

“We are disappointed that we were unable to reach an agreement with Boeing on the MAX 10 order. However, Boeing had a more optimistic view than us on the price of the aircraft, and we have a historical discipline of not paying dearly for planes.”, said Michael O’Leary, the ever-controversial CEO of Ryanair, who again complained about the price of Boeing planes.

Although the agreement for the MAX 10 was not fruitful, the company reaffirms that it is committed to receiving all 210 737-8200 jets by 2025.

By Ryanair Press Office