Former Sony boss says PS5 game production costs $200 million

Shawn Layden, the former boss of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), and Jason Schreier, journalist at Bloomberg, had a very interesting conversation about the development costs of triple A games released for the PlayStation consoles.

Shawn has long been critical of the high production value of major releases on the market, and now he stipulates that big next-gen games must be costing around $200 million to produce.

According to the executive, in the days of the PS4, blockbusters cost around 100 million dollars, a figure that has only risen steadily since then. For Shawn, this is the main reason we see less and less innovative titles. After all, no one wants to inject that much money into something that might fail.

“If we are unable to prevent this value curve from continuing to grow, all we can do is cut the risks,” he lamented. “It puts us in a position where making sequels is logical, with three or four game models that continue to exist, and less and less variety.”

Shawn even made a mea-culpa, but was willing to help reverse this situation in his new job at Streamline: I think I ended up contributing in part to that. Now the ultimate goal of my career is to bring more people into game creation, people from all over the world, and make more people enjoy the pleasures of video games.”

But what about you, what do you think of Shawn Layden’s ideas? Would you also like to see cheaper releases with more variety? Let us know in the comments below!