Fragile in defense and poor in attack, Vasco is defeated by Avaí and remains locked in the Serie B of Brasileirão

Vasco went to the Ressacada, this Monday, to recover the points left behind in the minimum controversial match against Brazil-RS. But what we saw was a team with elementary defensive errors and inefficient creation. As a result, they lost 3-1 to Avaí. It was a direct confrontation, and Leão moved up positions while Cruz-Maltino was in the middle of the Brazilian Championship Series B table. Melancholy and continuous crisis at the São Januário club.

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With the result, Vasco is in ninth position, with 32 points, six behind the G4. However, the distance between the first four may increase and Cruz-Maltino may still lose positions until the end of the round. Avaí moved up to fifth place, with 37 points. Lisca’s team returns to the field on September 16, against CRB. On the same day, the Lion faces Remo.

Vasco started by trying to pressure. Andrey took a corner kick after six minutes, Romulo tried to head butt it out. And with the ball dominated in the attacking field, Cruz-Maltino missed. Avaí then went on a counterattack. Copete thought it was a great launch, Getúlio got in Vanderlei’s face, dribbled the goalkeeper and opened the scoring.

The visitors had difficulties, but managed to equalize. On minute 26, Cano received a shot, entered the area and rolled to Morato. With the goal empty, the winger pushed the ball into the net. It still took the VAR nearly three minutes to confirm a seemingly simple bid. And still in the first half, the home team missed the ball, Morato found Léo Jabá, but the goalkeeper closed the shot.

Then there was the break. After 15 minutes of orientation, a foul for the home team, close to the area, but diagonally, had five Vasco players in the barrier plus one lying behind. The ball was crossed in the area, where there was numerical superiority of Avaí. And after Getúlio shone, Bruno Silva made Leão’s second. At two minutes.

So it was the second full time chasing after. And with Avaí “cooking” the match. Caio Lopes, at 27, forced goalkeeper Glédson to make a good save with a header. At 32, an incredible move, Cano was thrown into the area, kicked across near the goal and the ball passed close to Daniel Amorim’s cart. Three minutes later, Cruz-Maltino had the mark under pressure, but a bounce resulted in Copete free to kick the crossbar. On the rebound, Jonathan extended the score. Avaí 3 to 1.


Stadium: Hangover, in Florianópolis (SC)
Date and time: September 6, 2021, at 8:00 pm
Referee: Paulo Roberto Alves Junior (PR)
Assistants: Bruno Boschilia (Fifa-PR) and Weber Felipe Silva (PR)
Video Arbitrator: Adriano Milczvski (PR)
Yellow cards: Miranda, Leandro Castan (VAS)
Red cards: There wasn’t.

GOALS: Getúlio (11’/1ºT 1-0), Morato (29’/1ºT 1-1), Bruno Siva (2’/2ºT 2-1) and Jonathan (35’/2ºT 3-1)

HAWAII: Glédson, Edilson, Concrete, Alemão and João Lucas (Rafael Pereira, 41’/2ºT); Bruno Silva, Serrato (Wesley Soares, 25’/2ºT) and Jean Cléber (Jonathan, 35’/2ºT); Copete (Diego Renan, 41’/2ºT), Getúlio (Romulo, 25’/2ºT) and Vinícius Leite – Technician: Claudinei Oliveira.

VASCO: Vanderlei, Léo Matos, Miranda, Leandro Castan and Zeca; Romulo (Daniel Amorim, 29’/2ºT), Andrey (Caio Lopes, 26’/2ºT) and Marquinhos Gabriel (Galarza, 26’/2ºT); Léo Jabá (Gabriel Pec, 37’/2ºT), Cano e Morato (Figueiredo, 37’/2ºT) – Technician: Stripe.