Gabigol and Neymar are amused by Amaral’s request; watch

Amaral complained to Gabigol and Neymar.

Credit: Reproduction

Present in the stands, Amaral was very frustrated at Neo Química Arena. That’s because the former player expected to follow 90 minutes of a classic grid between Brazil x Argentina. However, he watched only about five minutes of the match, interrupted by agents from Anvisa and the Federal Police. Thus, Gabigol and Neymar heard a complaint involving the protocols for entering the stadium.

As a safety requirement, a Covid-19 test was required before entering the stadium. In this way, Amaral complained about having spent on the test and asked who would “reimburse him”.

“I want to see who will refund my test!“, he said.

See below the moment that amused Neymar and Gabigol.

After the match, CBF expressed its dissatisfaction with Anvisa’s attitude. In the entity’s view, the agency’s action could have occurred before the ball rolled, something that did not happen, since an intervention happened with the ball rolling.

“CBF defends the implementation of the most rigorous health protocols and complies with them in their entirety. However, he emphasizes that he was absolutely surprised by the moment when the action of the National Health Surveillance Agency took place, with the match having already started, since Anvisa could have exercised its activity in a much more appropriate manner in the various moments and days prior to the match”, said the entity in a statement.


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