Galvão justifies ‘shame’ expression: ‘From falsifying a document’

The narrator Galvão Bueno commanded the transmission of Brazil and Argentina on TV Globo yesterday, for the South American qualifiers for the World Cup, and gained prominence by criticizing with harsh words the confusion created on the lawn after agents from Anvisa (National Surveillance Agency Sanitary) invade the field and interrupt the game after 5 minutes of the match.

Today, the journalist published a video on his social networks, returning to the subject, to explain the use of the expression ‘shame’, which was notable among his criticisms during the broadcast. Galvão Bueno explained that he had this feeling in relation to the images and, mainly, in view of the Argentine national team’s attitude of falsifying documents.

“Well, friends, I return to the subject of yesterday’s game cancellation mainly to explain to those who may not have understood what I meant. Mainly with the expression ‘shame'”, began Galvão.

“Shame for the images that were shown, but mainly ashamed of the Argentine national team’s attitude of forging a document. There is already evidence of the forgery, including the name of whoever made the forgery of this document,” continued the narrator.

Galvão also said that, from the beginning, he was in favor of the actions taken by the health authorities. The narrator also clarified that he understands that people who tried to make the game happen, disrespecting the country’s laws, must be identified and held responsible.

“I also want to make it clear to those who may not have understood that I was always, all the time, agreeing and praising the attitude of Anvisa, which, since the beginning of history, tried to fine the Argentines and show that those four players had to stay in quarantine and had to be removed from the country,” declared the narrator on his Instagram.

“And I also said very clearly, several times, that, in this way, the game could not be played. But I also continue to think that those in the sport or that, somehow, tried to ‘fix’ things and tried to leave football in this parallel world must be identified and held accountable,” he concluded.