Giovanna Ewbank makes a rare appearance with Fernanda Lima and her baby

The presenter Giovanna Ewbank delighted when she appeared with Fernanda Lima and her daughter, Maria Manoela

the presenter Giovanna Ewbank and your husband, the actor Bruno Gagliasso, are enjoying a few days of rest in Portugal with their three children, the children Titi, eight years old, Bless, six years old, and Zyan, one year old.

The family is in Herdade da Malhadinha Nova, Portugal, in a luxury hotel. And they are with very special companies. Actor Ricardo Pereira and his wife Francisca and their children are also taking part in the trip.

The presenters couple Fernanda Lima and Rodrigo Hilbert are also traveling with them, along with their three children, baby Maria Manoela, one year old, and twins João and Francisco, 13 years old.

Fernanda Lima showed a beautiful photo in which she appears with Giovanna Ewbank, Francisca Pereira and their baby Maria Manoela during a picnic. When showing the cute image, Fernanda said: “Sharing loving moments has become fundamental in such strange times. Being in family and with dear friends, laughing, talking, exchanging experiences and wanting the good .. without wasting time with nonsense or small things. Be close to nature and enjoy it. I think that’s it. A kiss, good week”.

Many famous people were just praise for Fernanda Lima’s tour, Giovanna Ewbank and all gifts. “What you take from this life is the life you lead. With friends!” said presenter Astrid Fontenelle. And Francisca Pereira commented: “That’s right, beloved! Too good, we love you.” Journalist Lilian Pacce also stated: “All the best”.

Netizens also raved about the record. “Next trip will take me?! Delicious! Is there anything better than being with someone you love and enjoying nature?”, commented a netizen. And another internet user said: “Thanks for sharing! Your energy is amazing!”. And a netizen said: “What a beautiful photo! And there are a lot of beautiful people in one photo!”.

Giovanna Ewbank with Fernanda Lima's baby

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